Holly Lodge begins new chapter!

Anne Graham, home checker and long time supporter of Freshfields, is retiring this week, and we want to pay tribute to her commitment and care for animals in need over many years. Anne’s school, Holly Lodge in Liverpool, has raised funds in various creative ways for Freshfields this year, demonstrating that there’s so many different ways to express your love for the animals!

Starting in December 2016, Anne asked for donations instead of presents for her 60th birthday, and was able to present a cheque for £400 to help our work with rescued animals.

Later that month, a group of Anne’s colleagues gave £100 in lieu of Christmas cards, as they do every year. At Easter, one of the teachers, Margi Bailey raised £200 raffling Easter eggs.

The Year 10 BTec music students raised £165 by doing a concert and selling CDs they made, supported by teacher Vicki Collier.

On August 5th, another member of staff, Jennie Orr is abseiling down Liverpool Cathedral in our annual charity abseil.

Kathy O’Shaughnessy is the Resource Centre manager and a loyal supporter of Freshfields. She will be taking over the baton from Anne, and has already raised £200 on a tombola earlier this year, using a number of prizes brought in by the staff.  Kathy also brought in a lot of toys, towels and small animal equipment, courtesy of the 6th Form.

Kathy is a firm believer in the work of the Rescue Cent, re, and encourages all the staff at Holly Lodge to send their paper to her for shredding, which she delivers to Freshfields and becomes bedding for the Wildlife Unit!

On your retirement this week Anne, we want to thank you and your friends and colleagues at Holly Lodge, a true example of community spirit and partnership in action. We look forward to continuing our happy association for the benefit of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. On their behalf, a big Thank You!