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Winston is our only permanent canine resident as he is currently unable to be rehomed due to extensive behavioural issues. We have not been able to successfully introduce Winston to new members of staff so therefore feel he is not able to be introduced to members of the public.

Winston came to us in 2014 as his owner couldn't cope with his behaviour.  There had been a lot of upheaval in his life the year prior to him arriving with us as his owner went to prison.  The owner's ex partner took Winston in, but with many comings and goings in the house and no one who understood him, he started to display unwanted behaviour.  He would guard the house from anyone coming in and he would lunge at people and dogs on walks.  Winston was absolutely fine with the family he knew and loved, they could do anything to him and he would let them but his misguided attempt to protect his family resulted in him coming to us. We were Winston's last hope and we are certain he would have been put to sleep if we were unable to help him.

Upon Winston's arrival all of the kennel staff and some trusted dog walkers soon got to know him and he even formed a good relationship with our vet.  Unfortunately Winston is now very selective with his friends but is a firm favourite with all who know and love him here.  Once he knows you he is loving, affectionate, playful and just plain goofy!

Winston has his own room here rather than a kennel and is always found snoozing underneath a blanket on his favourite armchair!  He loves to relax and likes his room to be kept toasty and warm!  Winston has a dedicated dog walker who takes him on lots of adventures throughout the week. Although Winston is unable to be rehomed he is very happy and content with his life here as he knows he is safe and loved.

When Winston arrived with us he had to undergo surgery to repair cherry eye in both his eyes and now requires eye drops every day for the rest of his life. Sadly recent X-rays in 2019 also revealed arthritis in both of his elbows, with his spine also showing as abnormal. Whilst this is not currently causing Winston any mobility issues he is now on long term pain relief to help ease this.

As Winston is a permanent resident at the rescue he is now a sponsor dog.  If you choose to sponsor him we can guarantee you some very entertaining photos as he likes to show off for the camera as you can see from the collage below!  He really does make us laugh every day! As Winston has on going eye issues and requires long term medication your sponsorship will be highly appreciated towards the continued cost of his care.

  • Breed / Type - British Bulldog
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 9 Years
  • Colour - White and Tan
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - No
  • Used to Cats - No
  • Used to Dogs - No

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