In the UK, about 1 in 2 households own a pet with around 21 million pets owned (excluding fish). The UK pet population is estimated at nine million dogs and approximately 8 million cats. The Animal Welfare Act places a legal obligation on owners and keepers of animals to care for them properly. 

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Sub-Committee is holding a series of short inquiries on animal welfare, and they want feedback from the public. They are looking at issues related to domestic pets, including cats, dogs and horses. The Committee also intends to consider issues surrounding exotic pets at a later date.

As supporters of Freshfields Animal Rescue, your information and perspective on domestic/rescued animals would be valuable to the inquiry. If you would like to give your input to the Sub-Committee, you can access the UK Parliament webpage HERE

The deadline for submissions is 17th March 2016.

Thank You on behalf of Dolla and the animals at Freshfields.