Hi everybody; it’s Toffee here! I thought you would like to see some pictures of my great day out at the seaside. Here I am with my mum Carol Foulkes in Wales. It’s my very first holiday and we had so much fun. Here I am on the beach, playing bingo and then having a much needed snooze afterwards.

My mum says I was very good, although she says I bark too much ha ha! It’s my way of showing how exciting life is for me, since I became one of the lucky adopted dogs from Freshfields Animal Rescue.

My wish is for every dog to have the happy life that I do. As long as Freshfields is here, I know they’ll do their best for every single animal who needs love and compassion. I hear they have fantastic supporters too!

Thank you for helping them to help me. My life is paw-some, thanks to people like you.

Love and licks,

Toffee Xx