Blog march 9th
We have been having trouble again with our internet and phones. Seems like we are always having such problems throughout the year. If it isn’t the phone line/net, it is our computers which are driving us all nuts.Out of the three computers in the office, we are lucky if 2 work correctly at any given time.They are comparatively new but every day something does not work properly.It can be so frustrating.We are now waiting for a sky engineer to come out (again) to sort the problem with our internet.

I have mentioned previously that we have phases of certain animals or breeds which come in to the shelter.This week has been all Labradors! We collected two 6 years old yellow Labradors from Anglesey whose owner was unable to cope with them.They were shut up in a garage for long periods of time which has made them desperate for exercise.They are simply overjoyed to be able to run free several times a day.Then there is a 7 months old youngster Teddy whose owner handed him over to the charity when she had a baby .He is so well behaved I fail to understand why he could not stay in his home but as with many owners, when babies come along, out go the pets!

Recently abandoned terrier Rusty who was found locally, was snapped up as soon as we sent a photo of him to a lady in Cumbria.Ann travelled down from her home in the Lake District to adopt Rusty and we hear he has settled well as though he has lived there all his life.Looks like he is all set for a much better life though we have not been able to understand why he was abandoned in the first place, he is such a sweet natured little dog.

A few new cats have been admitted, two aged 18 months white/tortoishell siblings were admitted because their owner moved in with a parent who could not take them due to a cat hating resident dog, a 2 years old ginger male came in for much the same reason and the fourth cat, also an 8 years old White and tortoishell was admitted because of the arrival of a new baby. These are the most common reasons for parting with cats.All should find homes reasonably easily because they are pretty colours! This should not matter when choosing a pet but I’m afraid the colour of animals definitely does either hinder or help.

Most Unusual Request of the Week:
We were contacted by a Dairy farmer who asked if we could help rehome a 12 months old Friesian heifer who had suffered a dislocated leg and walked with a limp.! As luck would have it, we knew that our Vet friends who adopted Dexter the castrated Bull , were hoping to find a companion for him so next week John will be going to collect a very lucky cow to deliver to a wonderful pet home in Cheshire. This was an unusual rescue for two reasons – first, it is not a common request for us to be asked to find a home for a cow and secondly it is even more unusual for a Dairy Farmer to be the one asking.Usually farmers would shoot a damaged animal without considering another option like contacting a local animal rescue. I did ask him why and he replied that it was not her fault she had an injury and she could live another ten years or so , he went on to say that he had no compunction about sending animals to slaughter but she did not deserve to be shot at such a tender age!. I was not going to question him more than that, the rescue of this cow was the most important issue here and not his questionable morals.I was just glad to be able to help in this case. Cows are not the easiest animals to rehome!

The sun is shining today at the shelter and if it was not for the constant calls asking for us to take unwanted pets, I might even have felt moderately happy! As it was I could just about confess to a moderate and very transient feeling of okness(new word?) Still, that is always better than full blown depression.

We are holding an Easter Fair at Beaumaris Town Hall on easter Saturday .April 17th 10am – 12.30pm and one of the stalls will be a chocolate tombola. If any of you have any unwanted boxes of chocolates or just a single bar of chocolate please consider donating to us. We need lots of chocolate so anything welcome.perhaps you could ask at your local sweetshop/newsagent?cake makers also needed so please ring me on 01286 479711 if you can help with a cake or two.

To end on an odd note – does anybody know a friend,neighbour or relative who checks out a certain website on a regular basis, or even as a one off.The website in question is that of Toilet Paper manufacturers ‘Cushelle’. I just happened to read about this website on the packaging of a pack of two Cushellet Toilet rolls. (I am known to read anything from the backs of cereal packets to Tolstoys ‘War and Peace) but I was astounded that they were encouraging purchasers to check out the latest news on their website! What sort of riveting news would that be? I admit I did not feel excited enough to do so but if anyone else has and there is something you feel we should all know, please don’t hesitate to contact me at :

Photo of the adorable 8 years old cat ‘Tiff’