Doggie diaries

Introducing some of our longer term dogs…

The Doggie Diaries are new to Freshfields. They came about because we wanted a way of introducing some of our longer term dogs to you. Our ultimate goal is to find each of our dogs the perfect, loving home, which they so desperately deserve.

Freshfields has always had strict policies concerning 'non-destruction' and we never put healthy dogs down. It doesn't matter how long a dog might end up staying with us, provided the dog is not suffering in any way and is experiencing a good quality of life it remains safe with Freshfields, for as long as it takes to find the 'right' home!  We never descriminate against an animal because it is old or has an ongoing yet manageble health condition.

This means that we often find ourselves looking after dogs that many other rescues wouldn't consider taking. Some of these dogs need time to address issues, sometimes they just need to learn to trust again. We strongly believe that there is a home out there somewhere for every single one of our fantastic dogs.

Often dogs may be overlooked because people assume they can't be rehomed after a long time in kennels. This is not true! In these diaries we are hoping to capture the true character of each dog for you, bringing them alive in photo's and words.

We hope to show you just how wonderful they really are!

Beau's Diary

Beau's Facebook diary can be seen here!  Why not follow her now and join Beau on her journey to find her forever home?

Just look at me with Magic Max and Casper! After barking at them for a couple of minutes we all just ignored each other and had a lovely 90 minute walk in the woods. At the end of the walk I saw about 10 dogs and just ignored them all - Dawn was very pleased with me! I'm planning a big sleep now...! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dawn's off put now so I thought I'd start collecting her slippers up. She's kept both pairs of her old ones just for me but I mostly ignore those ones and concentrate on the ones she's wearing now - clever aren't I?! ... See MoreSee Less

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Eska's Diary

Eska's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Eska on her journey to find her forever home?

I've got lots of these lovely toys around to chew, and I do love's just that I also love bananas....that's why I had to help myself to a couple more this morning... ... See MoreSee Less

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Oh the banana incident is a distant memory now..... today was all about a two hour run with my best buddies Max and Casper. There was mud, there was water, there were sticks, and there was fun...just look at the smile on my face!!! I even managed to clean all the mud off me in the car on the way home so I avoided the dreaded bath. Straight to bed for me!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Freya’s Diary

Freya's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Freya on her journey to find his forever home?

Hi everyone.... Look where I've been today! I stopped by the rescue with my Dad and his friend to see all my old human friends who looked after me. Actually that wasn't the only reason. I was also having my picture taken for a local paper as I'm trying to help the rescue with their time of need appeal. I'm hoping lots of people can help by donating no matter how small the donation is. My Dad brought a donation to give from us which everyone was so grateful of. Anyway, we're off for a pub lunch now.... My favourite! See you all soon, Freya xxx ... See MoreSee Less

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Maddy’s Diary

Maddy's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Maddy on his journey to find his forever home?

Hello everyone! I bet you forgot all about me. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, I have been having such a fantastic time in Yorkshire. Here's some photos of me enjoying my new life. Love & licks from Maddy xxx ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm so happy here in Yorkshire, Sue says it's like I've always been here! For seven whole years I waited for my special home to come along. It's a good job so many lovely people looked after me so well along the way - other rescues might have given up on me! From now on it's lots of cuddles, big walks, deep sleeps, and fun and games - for the rest of my life! I can't wait to have all kinds of adventures. Thank you all for caring so much about me, I'll send you some pictures.... Byeeee!!!
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