Doggie diaries

Introducing some of our longer term dogs…

The Doggie Diaries are new to Freshfields. They came about because we wanted a way of introducing some of our longer term dogs to you. Our ultimate goal is to find each of our dogs the perfect, loving home, which they so desperately deserve.

Freshfields has always had strict policies concerning 'non-destruction' and we never put healthy dogs down. It doesn't matter how long a dog might end up staying with us, provided the dog is not suffering in any way and is experiencing a good quality of life it remains safe with Freshfields, for as long as it takes to find the 'right' home!  We never descriminate against an animal because it is old or has an ongoing yet manageble health condition.

This means that we often find ourselves looking after dogs that many other rescues wouldn't consider taking. Some of these dogs need time to address issues, sometimes they just need to learn to trust again. We strongly believe that there is a home out there somewhere for every single one of our fantastic dogs.

Often dogs may be overlooked because people assume they can't be rehomed after a long time in kennels. This is not true! In these diaries we are hoping to capture the true character of each dog for you, bringing them alive in photo's and words.

We hope to show you just how wonderful they really are!

Suki's Diary

Suki's Facebook diary can be seen here!  Why not follow her now and join Suki on her journey to find her forever home?

2 weeks ago

I Need A Home


Enjoying my walk as always 🥰 Feeling cheeky and camera ready!

While I'm here I'd like to remind my new fans of what I need:
🐕 A pet free home
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A child free home
🚗 I will need to be visited at the rescue multiple times to form a bond so location needs to be taken into consideration

You can also view my profile here:

Paws crossed! 🐾❤️ Love and licks from Suki xxx
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2 weeks ago

I Need A Home

Enjoying an early morning walk with my friend Zoe 🐶

I'm always keeping my eyes and nose on the look out for my own loving family... if you find them first please ask them to call the rescue on 0151 931 1604. Love and licks from Suki xxx
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Bluebell's Diary

Bluebell's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Bluebell on her journey to find her forever home?

On Tuesday morning we lost a part of our Freshfields family and life at the rescue will never be the same again. Our beloved Bluebell has passed away and our hearts are left broken.

Bluebell originally arrived with us in 2008 from a dog pound where she was due to be put to sleep. She was the dog that everyone was rooting for, she was the dog that everyone wanted to find a home. After spending 11 years at the rescue this was all we had ever wanted for her too, however Bluebell had other plans. In her younger days Bluebell was adopted out twice but returned both times for pushing the boundaries. She made it clear that Freshfields was her home and where she intended to stay. Bluebell became the heart and soul of the kennel unit, she lived in the kitchen area so was always on hand to offer help during food preparation times. Her favourite thing in the entire world was food and if you had it she would be sure to find it! Bluebell caused havoc wherever she went, she would destroy her plastic dog beds, break into the food storage bins and jump onto the work surfaces. She would wee on her freshly cleaned floor even though her back door was open and she would steal gloves and scarfs only to rip them into tiny shreds! The list was endless - but we loved her for it.

Whilst she never found the forever home she so deserved, we know that Bluebell felt loved and that she was a part of our family. She was the first dog we would greet each morning and the last dog we would kiss goodnight. Every single day she was pleased to see us. She couldn’t wait to see her devoted dog walkers and thoroughly enjoyed going out to play with her human friends Robbie and Lynn.
They always went to the pub and Bluebell would manage to charm a packet of crisps out of one of them.
Every Saturday she would be visited by her special friend Jane who spent hours cuddling her and taking her for short walks.

For the last 6 months Bluebell’s general health had been deteriorating due to her medical conditions, and she was becoming very unsteady on her legs. There was fluid starting to build up in her lungs and the staff were reporting back to our vet each day and keeping a close eye on her. Thankfully she had been her usual self, until Tuesday morning when she made it clear that it was time for her to leave us and so we had to take the heart-breaking decision to let her go.

Bluebell died surrounded by those she loved, and who have loved her from the moment she came to Freshfields Animal Rescue. She has left behind a huge, empty void and now staff are trying to adjust to life without her.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated towards Bluebell’s care, she received so many special presents in her final months and for that we are so grateful.
Giving love, care and affection to Bluebell was a joy and we will miss her very much. It was our privilege to share our lives with her, and we couldn't have given her the love and security we did without our dedicated supporters.

Sleep tight our special girl, you really were one in a million 💔
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I'm taking all of this quarantining very seriously in my cosy bed 🥰 ... See MoreSee Less

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Freya’s Diary

Freya's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Freya on her journey to find his forever home?

We are devastated to announce our beautiful Freya has sadly been put to sleep. Her epilepsy was taking control of her life with more and more fits daily that were becoming uncontrollable. Freya meant so much to us, we loved and cared for her for 6 years. We nurtured her from the giddy 6 month old baby that arrived as a stray, to the 6 year old princess that finally found her loving home. The only comfort for us amongst the upset we are feeling now is that she had almost 2 years in a home, where she was spoilt, loved and pampered like she deserved. Whilst Freya was in our care, our whole day revolved around her. She was the first dog (among 40 others!) that we saw in the morning, we walked her daily in the local nature reserve and we all loved our one to one Freya time. Later in the day she would come out to play on the field with us several times. She was the last dog we would say goodnight to after her last toilet break. Our whole routine of caring for all the dogs actually evolved over time so that Freya was pretty much at the centre. She was dubbed 'Britain's Loneliest Dog' by the press and yes, that exposure finally found her loving home. However, in reality Freya was far from a lonely girl. Between the staff and her dog walker friends fussing her all day, she was never lonely and was a VERY much loved little girl. Sleep tight our wonderful little Freya, you meant the world to us and you always will. XXX ... See MoreSee Less

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Maddy’s Diary

Maddy's Facebook diary can be viewed or linked to here. Why not join Maddy on his journey to find his forever home?

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