Support & Recognition

You will know how much we value you because we make sure we tell you. 

See the latest thank you video from our Board of Trustees and Management team:

As well as daily support and an allocated person to go to, we hold an annual celebration and awards event for staff and volunteers to show how much of difference we have made together for all animals during the year.

It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and let your hair down and acts as a happy reminder to all of the benefits we gain and vital work you do.

Team Recognition 2018

Cattery Liverpool - Embracing Change Award

Farm Team Liverpool - Quiet Champions Award

The Fox Unit - The Extra Mile Award

Fundraising and PR - Most Aspirational Team Award

Kennels Team - Outstanding Resilience Award

Operations and Support, Liverpool and Wales - Engine Room Heroes Award

Outreach Education - Game Changers Award

Shop Teams - Community Connections Award

Board of Trustees - Mission Control Award

Veterinary Team - Exceptional Care Award

Welsh Rescue - Warriors Award

Wildlife and Small Animals Unit - Outstanding Commitment Award

Hidden Gem Award Winners 2018

Breda Sweeney

Laura Roberts

Eva Carr

Mion Moorhouse

Gabby Martinazzoli

Debbie Hughes

Steven Marsh

Elaine Chin

Carol Gowrie

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