Your Animal Stories

Share your Freshfields Rescue Story with us...

We know that your beloved pet plays a huge role in your life and all of our supporters love to see previous Freshfields rescue pets getting the love they deserve with their new families.

Would you tell us the story of your Freshfields rescue friend and let us know the difference they make to your life? This may encourage others to adopt a new member of the family too.

Email the story of your beloved rescue pet to us HERE 

Adda and Efa

Sandra and Sharon sent us these lovely pictures of Adda and Efa, who they adopted from Freshfields Wales. They tell us that the kitties were neutered and chipped last week and are recovering nicely. They look very much at home and happy in their new life! Thanks for...

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Three Cheers for Chip!

It's always good to hear news of our happy adopted dogs and their families. Lorraine Henshaw and her family sent us this 'Pupdate' (!)... We got Chip from Freshfields Wales in May 2013. He was called Sam back then. He's just turned 2 in December 2015. He's gorgeous...

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Super Sally Has New ‘Leash’ of Life!

We were glad to hear from Margaret, adopted 'mum' of Sally from Freshfields Wales. Margaret wrote: 'Dear Freshfields, Thought I would send you a picture of me and Sally. I collected her last August in Bangor from Julie and she told me you would like a picture. Sally...

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Beaming Bunnies Find Beautiful Home!

Angelica and Bigwig are bunnies who have certainly found a lovely home! Their new designer pad looks like it has all mod cons and  is sure to be featured in 'Hello' magazine one day. They were adopted by Kevin Woolley and live on the Wirral. Mum and son were part of...

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