Humane Fox Deterrence

Resident fox expert, Paul McDonald (aka The Fox Man), heads our team to promote this ‘thinking man’s’ form of pest control. Whilst no two cases are ever the same, our methodology is consistent, essentially our aim is to outfox the fox! How do we do this you may ask? To fully appreciate our approach, it is necessary to understand a little bit about fox behaviour. Foxes are territorial animals, using scent marking to establish their territories, which can stretch on for miles.

Foxes want to avoid conflict and they do this by staying out of other fox’s territories. By embracing the fox’s instinctive philosophy, we work to convince them that some places, are simply best avoided, thereby providing the best possible outcome for everyone. We encourage the fox to believe, correctly, that it is in its own best interests to stay away. Once you understand fox ecology, you will appreciate why our methods are more effective than lethal forms of control.


Why Choose Us?

• Cheaper than conventional pest control solutions that normally charge hundreds of pounds to trap and kill foxes

• The only legal, non-lethal form of fox control (trapping and relocating contravenes the Wild Animals (Protection) Act 1996)

• Offers a long-term solution to fox problems

• No harm to the environment or to the foxes being ‘removed’

• All profits go towards, supporting Freshfields Urban Wildlife Conservation work, including the costs associated with the running of our fox unit, helping sick and injured foxes in the North West area

• Experienced and dedicated team with a solid knowledge of fox behaviour and ecology, specialising in foxes only.

Take a look at the services we offer. If you would like further information, advice or to make a booking please give us a call at the Liverpool shelter on 0151 931 1604, call The Fox Man direct on 07572 270432 or email

Our Services

Chemical Deterrence Spraying

We are able to conduct a chemical deterrence spraying of properties where an unwanted fox or foxes are visiting. This has the effect of making the fox believe a much larger, stronger fox has moved into the area. Essentially we are using our knowledge of fox behaviour to keep them out of an area of their territory by making them believe it no longer belongs to them.

The nuisance fox will avoid the area that has been sprayed (be it a garden, school playground or commercial premises) and at the same time, as the fox will remain active in the surrounding area, other foxes will be deterred from moving in. Removing or killing the fox is pointless as it would simply result in foxes from surrounding territories moving in and taking its place.

With each spray that is carried out, we also conduct a site survey to determine whether or not the foxes are living somewhere on the property or are just passing through. We are usually able also, to determine whereabouts a fox has been entering the property, and advise or provide remedial solutions for potential weaknesses in areas that are making it easy for a fox to access particular premises. For instance, as an additional service we are able to supply and fit prickle strip along fences in order to prevent foxes jumping over.


Cost from:
£90 - Residential, £150 - Commercial

Fox Eviction

Commonly confused with the trapping and releasing of foxes elsewhere, ‘fox eviction’ involves cases where an unwanted fox or foxes are actually living in a premises as opposed to just passing through. In most cases this will either be under a shed, decking or in an ‘earth’ they have dug out, normally underneath a tree or rockery. With our experience of handling foxes, we are able to ‘evict’ the fox from wherever it has taken up residence, then fox proof all entrances to ensure the space cannot be used as a den in the future. This action is topped off with a deterrence spray to deter the fox from coming back, the process results in a long-term solution to fox problems, as once again, simply removing the fox from the area would only result in another taking its place.

Please note that we have plenty of experience dealing with fox evictions and always make 100% sure that no foxes are still in the den before we fox proof it. Attempting to block off entrances/exits to known fox dens without proper experience and training can result in the suffering and death of the resident fox. As a criminal act, this potentially could in turn lead to a 6 months’ prison sentence and/or £5000 fine per animal, we therefore strongly recommend contacting us before attempting to evict a fox yourself.


What’s involved:

If the fox has been resident beneath a shed or decking, once the fox or foxes have been removed, we use 12-gauge weld mesh dug 6 inches into the ground, bent at an L shape and attached to the edges of the shed/decking to prevent the fox digging back under. We are able to guarantee the fox will not be able to get back under once removed. If we are unable to physically get the fox out; for instance, if it is a large shed/summer house/portacabin, we may need to fit a ‘one-way door’ which is similar to a cat flap but allows movement one way only (i.e. out but not back in).

If a fox has dug underground, we must dig out from the entrance all the way in, until there are no signs the fox has dug any further. Once the den has been completely ‘dug out’ we use rolled mesh, put back into the ground to prevent it being dug up again.


Cost from:
Residential & Commercial - from £150 + £20 per metre of weld mesh used for fox proofing (to calculate an estimate measure the perimeter of your shed/decking etc)

Scarecrow Supply and Installation

If you have a small garden and an unwanted fox is passing through regularly, then a ‘scarecrow’ may be the best option for you. As long as you have an outdoor water supply, with enough water pressure, we are able to supply you with a motion activated, water device called ‘Scarecrow’.

This is essentially a water sprinkler that is activated by movement. The moment a fox walks past, Scarecrow will emit a powerful blast of water into an area that you are able to set, scaring the fox and causing it to dart off. The fox will soon learn to avoid your garden.


Residential & Commercial – from £150

Chicken and Small Pet’s Protection

One of the most common complaints about foxes, is the danger they pose to small pets like chickens and rabbits, living in gardens. Deterrents and repellents are simply ineffective if a fox knows there is an easy food source available, and are therefore not something we would advise. Likewise, simply killing or removing the foxes, as with all cases, will also not solve the problem because of the aforementioned reason, that another will simply take their place.

The only effective solution is to sufficiently secure the animals in question, so that the fox cannot get to them. This can be done using fox proof mesh on hutches and runs, sometimes in combination with electric fencing if the animals range free in either a garden or field. Properly erected electrical fencing will ensure a fox cannot jump over or dig underneath to get to the animals in question.


Price upon application

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