Fox Education & Awareness

Fox Education and Awareness talks

There may well always, be conflict between humans and foxes. No matter what we do, we humans seem to be drawn to it. For those who wish to explore further however, to gain insight and knowledge, there are most certainly solutions to be found and routes to a healthy balance that allows our two species to coexist peacefully.

Through education and understanding we can work to achieve this goal. This is where our awareness talks come into play. Talks may be tailored to suit different ages/groups, and are flexible with regard to content and length. The work carried out by Freshfields encompasses both fox rescue and fox deterrence, and talks can also be tailored to include content from either or both of these aspects. Talks may also include content that provides information on general fox ecology and behaviour and, dependent upon your level of interest, allows a glimpse into the reality that is life as an urban fox!

Click here (download) to view our ‘Education & Awareness talks’ tailoring guide. Once you have reviewed what’s available please give us a call on 0151 931 1604 to discuss further. Alternatively call The Fox Man direct on 07572 270432. Or email



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