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Freshfields Animal Rescue is proud to be one of very few organisations in the North West able to offer Fox Education & Awareness talks alongside an effective ‘Humane’ Fox Deterrence service. Whilst most conventional ‘pest control’ companies opt for pointless ‘trap and kill’ solutions to fox problems, their quick fix of physically removing a problem fox, leaves the customer faced with yet another fox taking over the now vacant territory, and often as quickly as within just a few weeks.

Freshfields advocates a more holistic approach and ours is also a ‘longer term’ solution. In addition to our deterrence service we work to promote greater understanding of the fox, fox behaviour and ecology and we are able to offer some insight into the many simple, yet effective solutions that enable humans and foxes to coexist peacefully.


Why we do it

At Freshfields, we have a passion for wildlife, and we seek a world where humans and wild animals can coexist peacefully. The aim of our deterrence service is to prevent these animals being wrongfully and pointlessly destroyed by pest controllers. We also seek to help those members of the public, who have unwittingly wasted hundreds of pounds in their attempts to solve their fox problem using ‘conventional methods’, only to find another fox takes up the place of the first, when kinder, humane solutions, that also actually work, could have been used instead!

There will always be conflicts, but the result of conflict does not need to be suffering or death. The finality of this outcome can be avoided, if we simply make an effort to understand a little bit about the psychology of wildlife, use this to our advantage, and prevent these otherwise incredible, fascinating and let’s be honest here, quite simply beautiful creatures from becoming a ‘nuisance’. This is the ethos upon which our non-lethal deterrence methods are based and our educational work is founded.

Deterrence work is carried out by Paul McDonald (The Fox Man) and Graham Taylor, both of whom are valued members of the team at Freshfields Animal Rescue. All payment for work carried out, goes straight back into the rescue to fund Freshfields work with urban wildlife!

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We are also able to supply homeopathic treatments for foxes suffering from sprained limbs or mild mange symptoms. Click here to find out more.

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