Become a Friend2Wildlife

Become a Friend2Wildlife and support our Urban Wildlife Conservation Initiative

Here at Freshfields Liverpool we are as committed to  our wildlife conservation work as we are to our rescue work with domestic pets. The Freshfields Wildlife Initiative is focussed predominantly upon the conservation of hedgehogs, foxes and wild birds within our urban surrounds.

With your help we rescue, we rehabilitate and if all goes well we release the now healthy animals and birds back into the wild at the earliest opportunity.

Every ‘Friend’ will receive a Freshfields car sticker and pen along with regular email updates about our work.

Your Friendship will enable us to offer year round veterinary care, nursing and safe haven prior to release to the endless stream of sick, injured, suffering or endangered wildlife that we are alerted to. By sharing these experiences you will also enable us to educate at a grass roots level and to illustrate the many small things we each can do to preserve and improve local wildlife  habitats (including those within our own gardens) not just now but also for the future. 

You can sponsor our work by becoming a Friend2Foxes, Friend2Hedgehogs, Friend2WildBirds or a friend to all wildlife Friend2Wildlife. Friends may support our work with a regular monthly donation in an amount of your choice (min £3).

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