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Stunning Wilbur originally came into our care after he was found abandoned near to the rescue. He was soon adopted but sadly returned to us after just a couple of months due to separation anxiety.

Wilbur is a very sweet boy who just loves to be near you, often leaning into you for a cuddle! It is clear to see that being abandoned has left him feeling rather insecure and needy.
Sadly this has developed into separation anxiety which was displayed in his last home, Wilbur loved his new family so much that he became distressed whenever they left him on his own.
As we do not know Wilbur's history it is likely that he had never even lived in a home environment before this and we strongly believe that he just needed more time to settle in and learn to adapt to his new surroundings.

Wilbur will benefit from a patient and experienced owner who is around for most/all of the day to help him settle in and feel secure again. He is only a young boy who has already endured so much upheaval in his short life that it is not surprising that he now has some issues as a result of this. In general Wilbur is a friendly, excitable boy but who greets everyone he meets with a big smile and waggy tail. He really does have a beautiful nature.

When Wilbur originally came to us he mixed well with other dogs but has since become worried by them. We will be working on his socialisation skills here and hope that he may be able to be rehomed with a compatible dog in the future, maybe an older confident female. Due to the lack of background history we feel he would be best suited to a home free from cats and small animals.

As we do not know Wilbur's history we are looking for a home where any children are aged over 16 years old, including visiting children.

Wilbur's new owner must be prepared to make several trips to and from the rescue in order to form a bond with him before adoption, this will then progress into a slow introduction into the home so please bare your location in mind before you inquire about him. Our behaviourist will be on board to help with any advice and his new owner must be prepared to put in the work needed to help Wilbur become a confident, happy boy.

Wilbur is such a sweet, stunning boy who desperately needs to find somewhere he belongs, we love him dearly and are really sad to see him back in kennels as he just craves attention so much.

  • Breed / Type - Deerhound Cross
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 2 Years
  • Colour - Grey
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - 16+
  • Used to Cats - No
  • Used to Dogs - Some

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