Spooks & Ghost

Spooks & Ghost are a truly amazing pair of bunny’s! They are completely loved up & have to do absolutely everything together. Whether it’s eating their vegetables or having a snooze, you won’t find one without the other. Spooks was always a little timid with people here at the rescue until he was introduced to Ghost & her confidence completely rubbed off on him! Nothing phases Ghost, she is an amazingly confident little girly.
We were all ecstatic when we managed to bond these together as they each had a really difficult start in life & we wanted nothing more than to see them both happy & settled. Now all the need is their forever home & their new forever family!

They we’re both found as strays as baby’s (6-8 weeks old) & we believe they may have been dumped. Spooks had a prolapse on arrival & we believe this is why he was no longer wanted. He simply needed a quick little visit to the vet & has been doing great ever since!
Ghost was practically grey when she was found so we believe she may have been a stray for a few weeks.
Now they are both happy little bunny’s, who thankfully we’re very lucky to have been found & then to find each other.

If you think Spooks & Ghost are the right rabbits for you, please get in touch!

We ask that all hutches are permanently attached to a run, measuring at least 5ft by 7ft. The bottom, if on grass, must be meshed but if on concrete will not. If you are considering Spooks & Ghost as house bunny’s, all wiring will need to be safely hidden away from nibbling teeth & an exercise area must be accessible at times.


  • Admitted - 22/09/2018
  • Breed / Type - Lion Head & Cross
  • Sex - Male & female
  • Age - 6 Months
  • Colour - Black & White / White
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • History of Biting - No

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