Snap, Crackle, Pop ….and Crinkle
5 Oct, 2023
Snap, Crackle and Pop were admitted together from a small colony on Anglesey, they had to be trapped to be caught and had never had any human contact. A few days later, another kitten was caught, ….Crinkle. They have been adjusting to life being cared for by humans, and have now learnt that there is a warm bed, and food that they don’t have to scavenge for !! As these were unsocialised kittens, they are a little shy still, but we hear time and time again how quickly the shy cats and kittens settle into their new homes. They can be homed together ( if you are feeling brave !!), as a trio, in pairs or on otheir own. If adopting one kitten, they would benefit from having another cat in the home, to gain confidence from. The shy ones are always overlooked, but once you gain their trust, the rewards from them loving you is just the best !!  They will need access to the outdoors once old enough to venture out, as per our rehoming policy.
  • Admitted - 23/10/2023
  • Breed / Type - DSH
  • Sex - 3 Males 1 Female (Snap -black and white)
  • Age - 13 weeks
  • Colour - Black and white / Black
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - too young
  • Used to Kids - a little shy
  • Used to Cats - yes
  • Used to Dogs - no but would be fine with cat friendly dog
  • Toilet Trained - Yes
  • History of Biting - No

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