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Sassy was a farm pig who’d been used to produce a few litters of piglets. Her time was up when her keeper decided to use the field in which she lived for other purposes. However, Sassy had made a good friend who regularly visited her over a long period of time and they couldn’t stand for that. Out of desperation and as a last resort we were contacted and a very short time later Sassy arrived at Freshfields.

She’s a big, strong lass is Sassy, with an intimidating frame that belies her friendly nature. Think of her as a kindly wrecking ball. Sassy sort of lives with our other pigs Hooper & Herbie after she steamrolled through the partition fencing that separated them. She was very much accustomed to being hand fed which has resulted in her habit of confidently marching up to us and then standing (im)patiently with her head back and mouth wide open for food.

For ways to help Sassy please check out the ‘Get Involved’ section of the website or consider donating feed via a local farm feed shop or our amazon wishlist. Donations of fruits and vegetables are also always very welcome.


  • Admitted - 04/07/2018
  • Breed / Type - Gloucester Old Spot
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - Unknown

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