Oreo and Pebble

Oreo and Pebble ( main pic) were admitted from a smallholding and had never had any human contact. They had to be trapped to be caught as they were so terrified of us humans.

Oreo and Pebble are in need of a very understanding home, who will continue to work with their socialisation, as the pair are still very reluctant to be handled. They are much happier together so a home together is essential.

A person experienced with nervous cats would be ideal for Oreo and Pebble, who can empathise with their reluctance to be handled.

They both eat well and use their litter tray. Oreo and Pebble would also be ideal as a pair of farm cats on a smallholding.

*** Oreo and Pebble need a child free home ***

  • Admitted - 01/09/2020
  • Breed / Type - Both DSH
  • Sex - Females
  • Age - 17 weeks approx
  • Colour - Both Black + White
  • Vaccinated - TBD
  • Neutered - Too Young
  • Used to Kids - No
  • Used to Cats - Yes
  • Used to Dogs - No
  • Toilet Trained - Yes
  • History of Biting - No

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