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Maisy and Daisy came to us after their carer lost interest and moved on, leaving their feeding to the charity of concerned passers-by. Fortunately we were able to offer them sanctuary and a small team of staff and volunteers went to their aid. After a lengthy struggle they were eventually inside the Freshfields van and brought to their new home where they enjoy the benefits of a much larger space and regular meals.

Sadly in recent times Maisy has developed arthritis and needs on-going medication for this. Possibly due to this condition she likes to seek out warmth and is a real bed bug. Her other favourite spot is a sun trap in the corner where she can frequently be seen lounging with dust bathing hens around her.

Pigs that leave us require very particular homes with a good deal of land. Should Maisy and Daisy ever leave us they would need to do so together.

Please consider sponsoring this beautiful girl in our Sponsored Animal Section so we can continue to support her with her on-going medication. For other ways to help please check out the 'Get Involved' section of the website or consider donating feed via a local farm feed shop or our amazon wishlist. Donations of fruits and vegetables are also very welcome.

  • Admitted - 10/13/2015
  • Breed / Type - Kune Kune Pig
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - Unknown
  • Colour - Black and Whte

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