Lilly and Delilah

Lilly (white and tortie) and Delilah (ginger tortie) came to Freshfields Wales as strays. It is believed that they were abandoned when their owner moved away. Upon admittance, we realised that both had health issues, both were suffering from tremors, and Lilly’s ear was pink and sore.
Unfortunately, Lilly had developed ear cancer, (which is common amongst lighter coloured cats) so had part of her ear removed. Her ear has healed very well and is no longer a concern. Lilly and Delilah had tests to try to determine the cause of their tremors. After ruling out any toxins, Our vet came to the conclusion that Lilly and Delilah have the cat equivalent to Parkinsons Disease. Tremors aside, they are both happy, loving, friendly cats, who are longing for a home together. They are not on any specialist medication, and we do not envisage any further health problems with the pair.
Delilah is very outgoing, and is quick to sit on your lap and enjoy any attention. Lilly is quite lazy, she loves her bed, but is equally as loving. Both enjoy their food, and are litter trained.
Lilly and Delilah are both such sweet cats, who have not had the easiest of lives, we are hopeful that there will be a loving home for them.

  • Admitted - 21/02/2019
  • Breed / Type - Both DSH
  • Sex - Both Females
  • Age - Lilly 5 years approx / Delilah 9 yrs approx
  • Colour - Lilly - White and Tortie / Delilah Ginger Tortie
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - Unknown but friendly
  • Used to Cats - Unknown
  • Used to Dogs - Unknown
  • Toilet Trained - Litter Trained
  • History of Biting - No

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