Handsome boy Jett was originally rehomed via our Welsh centre along with his brother Jack when they were just 8 weeks old but sadly due to a change in their owner's circumstances they now need our help once again.
Despite spending the first 2 years of their life together we feel they would benefit from separate homes as Jack is quite dominant over Jett and they have had a few scuffles over food with Jack being the instigator. Although Jack and Jett do have some Terrier in their breeding they are primarily Border Collie in size and looks.

Jett is a charming, friendly boy who seems to be the calmer of the pair. He is eager to learn and will sit and shake paw when asked. He also loves playing ball, and will drop the ball at your feet and wait patiently as you throw it. However we do not recommend constant games of fetch with collie breeds as it is easy for them to become a little too ball obsessed!

Jett has previously lived with a cat but was always interested in her so would be best suited to a home with a confident cat as he will soon back off if swiped. Any home with cats would ideally need to have experience integrating a new dog into the home and ensure that the cat/s had plenty of space to run free from Jett if needed. Local homes where we can trial Jett on a day visit would be preferred but ultimately his new owner would need to be prepared to put in the work needed to get Jett and the cat/s used to one another.

We feel that Jett would happily live amongst another dog, male or female.
Sadly due to his owner's circumstances Jett has not been receiving the level of exercise a young dog of his breed should and therefore some work may be needed around traffic etc.
As with all collies it is absolutely vital for Jett to have an active home, with plenty of exercise and stimulation. We will be looking for a home with previous experience of collies or similar high energy breeds.

Jett will need a home with someone around for most of the day and although he has previously lived with young children we feel a home with sensible children over the age of 10 would suit him best.

  • Admitted - 27/09/2019
  • Breed / Type - Border Collie cross Terrier
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 2 Years
  • Colour - Tri Colour
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - 10+
  • Used to Cats - Possibly
  • Used to Dogs - Yes

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