The geese rule the farm at Freshfields Animal Rescue. They fear no man, or pig and like to remind us all of this with regular assertive displays. It's not uncommon to hear an alarmed grunt followed by the sight of a poor harassed pig trying to outrun the large bird hanging from their ear. Daisy the goose certainly keeps US on guard too.

On the plus side these truly are regal birds, with their broad wingspan and heads held high. They're not all bullies but even those that are are easy to live with and handle; it's just a case of showing them that little bit of respect that they can sometimes refuse to return.

Geese require quite a lot of space as they're large birds that like to graze. As with any  aquatic bird we insist that any geese that we rehome have access to swimming water so they may preen, clean and paddle.


  • Admitted - 02/04/2018
  • Breed / Type - Mixed
  • Sex - Mixed
  • Age - Mixed

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