Enzo & Elmo

These beautiful boys are the just 2 sons born in foster after we took several mums from a home with over 70!
Their mothers came to Freshfields heavily pregnant & so went into foster to give birth in peace. The children have now been removed from the group as the mums were getting a bit fed up & these boys are now looking for their forever home!
As they get along so well we would like to keep them together, they would need to be the only Guinea pigs in the home as they may start to fight with each other if they smell or see another piggie, especially a female.

If you think Enzo & Elmo are the right guinea pigs for you, please get in touch!

We ask that all hutches are permanently attached to a run, measuring at least 4ft by 4ft. The bottom, if on grass, must be meshed but if on concrete will not. If you are considering the boys as house guineas, all wiring will need to be safely hidden away from nibbling teeth & an exercise area must be accessible at times.


  • Admitted - 15/12/2019
  • Breed / Type - Guinea pig
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - Born July 2019
  • Colour - Various
  • Vaccinated - N/A
  • Neutered - N/A

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