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Eldon has lived at Freshfields longer than any other current farm resident and therefore has a place of particular import and affection in our hearts. He took some time to settle – not surprising really as he had been dumped in a park and attacked by a dog – but nowadays, in our eyes at least, he’s the leader of his woolly gang. Many faces have come and gone during Eldons time with us but during such a period he's become as much a part of the furniture to us as we are to him.

Eldon’s a great character, a real privilege to be around and interact with. Please consider sponsoring him via our Sponsored Animal Section to support his on-going hay, straw, feed and veterinary requirements. For other ways to help please see the Get Involved section of the website or consider donating feed via a farm feed shop or our amazon wishlist. Donations of fruit and vegetables are also very welcome.


  • Admitted - 05/01/2011
  • Breed / Type - Sheep
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - Unknown
  • Neutered - Yes

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