Cody & Codu

Some of you may remember this pair from one of our Facebook posts during the summer.

Mum & 2 of her children, who were around 5 weeks old, were found in a plastic box in a park, during one of the hottest days we had this year! There were air holes sliced into the heat trap, but not a drop of water for them. If they had not been found, they would not have survived for long.

That very first night in the rescue, mum gave birth again!! Sadly we lost 2 of the babies, however we were very fortunate to not lose all of them considering all mum had been through & the stress she must have been feeling.

These two are a fantastic pair of youngers, lovely in nature & extremely curious! However due to fighting, we have had to the family into two groups of two, & mum is currently on her own.

If you think you could offer the perfect home for this amazing pair, please get in touch!

We ask that all hutches are permanently attached to a run, measuring at least 5ft by 7ft. The bottom, if on grass, must be meshed but if on concrete will not. If you are considering the duo as house bunny’s, all wiring will need to be safely hidden away from nibbling teeth & an exercise area must be accessible at times.


  • Admitted - 06/07/2018
  • Breed / Type - Dwarf cross
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - D.O.B 6/7/18

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