Bluebell is well and truly part of the furniture here at Freshfields. She originally came to us in 2008 from a dog pound where she was due to be put to sleep. She has been adopted twice in the past but was returned to us both times for the same reason - taking a while to settle in.

There is far too much to say about this larger than life lady. She is a bit of a diva with a huge personality. She is lively, friendly and extremely affectionate.  Bluebell struggled in the kennel environment and so she now resides in our kennel kitchen, which she rules the roost of and has us all wrapped around her paws!  She undoubtedly has the best life of all of the dogs at the rescue in many ways as she has company all day with the staff coming and going and there is always an opportunity to steal some extra food! And boy is Bluebell an opportunist! She is a real foodie and never misses a dropped biscuit or one in your pocket for that matter! She is a typical staffy who also loves her comforts, throughout winter she will press herself against the radiator absorbing all of the heat!

Bluebell has many friends, she loves meeting new people! She goes out every weekend with her favourite dog walkers who take her for some chips down at the local pub!  Sadly for Bluebell though this life does have its downsides; she never gets peace whilst the staff are on the go all day long, and whilst so many people get to interact with her, this also means she has little consistency in her life and no one true family to love.

Bluebell does have some behavioural issues, but in the right, experienced home she will make a hugely entertaining companion!

What a prospective home should know about Bluebell:

  • Bluebell can be destructive when left alone and she will not cope being locked in a crate.  She will need a safe environment such as a spare room where she can be left if you need to pop out for a while.
  • Although Bluebell has regular access to an outdoor area she does often toilet inside. However we are sure that in a 'normal' home environment this is something that may improve.
  • Bluebell can be quite trying when she becomes stressed as she will tug on your clothes or jump up and grab things out of your hand when you are not expecting it.  Occasionally she accidentally grabs your skin instead of your clothes and it hurts.  This will be worse here, due to so many stresses with rescue life.  However, it is something that may continue in a home, especially whilst she is settling and learning about her new routine and surroundings.  She does not mean to be nasty, she is a friendly dog, tugging on clothes is a reaction to a situation she cannot cope with.  She needs a calm, experienced home who will not make this problem worse.  She will not be suitable to live with children.
  • Bluebell isn't great with all other dogs.  She will happily ignore them when she is on the lead but she will never be able to live with another dog or any other pets.
  • Bluebell can be quite vocal (usually when she isn't getting her own way!) and will bark/growl which can sound quite intimidating at times but we know she means no harm by this, it is just a way in which she expresses herself (in other words throwing a tantrum!)

We feel Bluebell is like a puppy trapped in an adult dog's body.  She was never taught coping skills as a young dog, so we need to think of her as younger than she is and help her to cope with situations she finds stressful.  Bluebell is a clever girl and is super food motivated, we believe with some consistency and boundaries in place she will truly flourish.

In 2016 Bluebell had surgery to fix her cruciate ligament and in the summer of 2018 she had to undergo surgery once again for her other cruciate.  Although Bluebell has made a full recovery she is not as steady on her legs as she used to be (although she seems to think she is!) and can no longer manage very long walks so short strolls would suit her best. Bluebell has recently been diagnosed with a Grade 6 Heart Murmur and also developed a cough so currently requires medication twice a day, she is also on supplements to strengthen her joints.

Bluebell is an adorable, affectionate, beautiful girl that just needs an experienced owner, someone who has had rescue dogs before and understands they need a lot of time and patience to settle in.  Anyone wishing to adopt Bluebell will need to make several trips to and from the rescue and take time slowly introducing her into the home.

If you give Bluebell that chance she deserves, in time you will have the most amazing friend that will keep you entertained for life!

Bluebell now has her very own Facebook page. For regular updates please visit:


  • Breed / Type - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 12 Years
  • Colour - Brindle and White
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - No
  • Used to Cats - No
  • Used to Dogs - Yes but not to live with

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